"Dr. Wing has been an "extended member" of our family for almost two decades! We first met him through Cub Scouts as he was an active, involved and exemplary leader and when we were at a crossroads with our eldest son's dentist, it was not a blink of an eye to switch to Dr. Wing's practice. Two kids later and Dr. Wing continues to be our children's pediatric dentist. In fact, our oldest only begrudgingly left the practice when he could no longer fold his 6-foot-plus frame into the dental chair! Dr. Wing's office is smoothly operated and we never have to wait to be seen. Francine calls prior to every appointment to assure there are no conflicts and ease of appointment scheduling is amazing. Lisa is always right on hand to offer follow up advice or let us know what to expect at an upcoming appointment. Kelly is on hand at every appointment to monitor their overall dental health and keep them on track for their next appointment. From routine dental care…to emergency dental accidents…all the way to orthodontic care; Dr. Wing and his staff have seen us through it all! Growing up; the phrase "going to the dentist" was a fearful and dreaded experience. We are gratified that Dr. Wing and his staff's kind and caring demeanor has allowed our children to look forward to each appointment and although they remain typical kids who dislike flossing (!), we never, ever have to cajole them into going! Now; if we could only convince Dr. Wing to become a Yankees fan….."

Anne-Marie S.

Dr. Wing testimonials
Dr. Wing testimonials

"Dr. Wing to say thank you just doesn't seem enough. You have taken my beautiful girl and given her a GORGEOUS smile! As her dentist you are great, but when you also took on her orthodontic treatment, it just became that much better. From the very beginning to the amazing end result of the orthodontics, you and your staff have been phenomenal, exceptional, truly outstanding and beyond any expectations that we could have. We hear the stories from other families and even all 3 of my kids wonder why they are scared of the dentist? How could that be? We LOVE Dr. Wing, Francine, Lisa and Kelly!! Thank you all for how hard you work and for how very easy you make it on us. One amazing smile down....two more to go!!"

Renee P.

"Dr. Wing has the best practice around...pediatric or otherwise! I found Dr. Wing after a not so pleasant experience my 4 year old son had during a routine cleaning at another dentist. He was very little and scared and needless to say it did not go well. It was obvious they were not used to handling small children and now my son's fears were even worse, i was at a lost. In stepped Dr. Wing and his staff. Not only were they able to get my son to relax but he had FUN!
​         That was over 10 years ago and all three of my children still love going to the dentist. Dr. Wing is a wonderful person and his staff are some of my favorite people. They are kind and funny and genuinely care about you and your family (And they Keep the schedule running on time, every time!)
​Bottom line...every doctor's office should be like this!"

Jennifer S.​

Dr. Wing testimonials
Dr. Wing testimonials

"Dr. Wing is compassionate and professional and demonstrates expert skills when working with children. I needed a pediatric dentist for my daughter because her permanent teeth are coming in before her baby teeth came out. She needed extraction of those baby teeth. Dr. Wing was able to calm her by explaining exactly what was going to happen. He removed her teeth with ease and reassured her when the procedure was finished. It will be a sad day when she is an adult and no longer needs a pediatric dentist in Dr. Wing!"

J. G.