Dr. Randall WingOur office provides comprehensive dental care for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special needs. The office focuses on prevention of dental problems including cavities, gum disease and also bite problems.  As the need arises, we also provide state of the art restorative treatment (i.e. tooth colored fillings*) as well as interceptive orthodontic treatment to redirect abnormal dental growth and tooth eruption at an early age. My staff and I have been together many years and, as a result, are very experienced at what we do.

​​We are experts at managing anxious young patients, and because of that, we apply several proven approaches to manage and relax nervous children. Two of the most common approaches are distraction, and a technique known as "tell, show, do". Tell, show, do is an educational tool in which a particular part of a procedure is discussed, then physically shown, and finally performed. As far as distraction is concerned, each treatment room in our office is equipped with a television monitor running a show of each patient's choice, providing an enjoyable area of focus. Most children often become "mesmerized" by popular shows and therefore are successfully distracted. For children with deeper anxiety, we use nitrous oxide, (also known as laughing gas) a very safe and effective inhalation agent.

We provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment to most of our patients. This service is the last element in the total treatment approach that we are able to provide in our office. Oral hygiene, patient education, restorative treatment, and orthodontics are all interrelated, therefore complete patient care is important. There is little need to utilize multiple offices with our total treatment capability.

Our office is the only pediatric dentist in the South Windsor area. We are located at Westview Office Park, in walking distance from South Windsor High School and Wapping Elementary School.

Dr. Wing - East Hartford, CT
Dr. Wing