Molar Rotating Appliance Instructions

Instructions Following Placement Of Expansion Molar Rotating Appliance

  • No sticky foods – including chewing gum, gummy bears, fruit rollups, or anything with a very sticky consistency. These foods can stick to the appliance and cause it to loosen.
  • Mild to moderate pressure or discomfort in the upper back teeth will be felt particularly during the early months – pain medication can be used if necessary.
  • An imprint of the appliance wire matrix may appear on the tongue causing irritation. This will subside as the appliance moves and the tongue gets used to its presence.
  • Because the appliance is creating moderate pressure, occasionally it will come loose on its own – Call the office if this happens or call the emergency numbers listed below if after office hours.
  • Keep the appliance as clean as possible – take a little extra time to brush all parts of the appliance including the center section.
  • Your child will get used to talking and eating with the appliance in 7 to 10 days.
  • Your child will produce extra saliva initially and may make “slurping" sounds for a few days – this will also subside.